The purpose of this writing is to encourage all those battling sickness and disease (especially those who have documented diagnoses of terminal, life-unto-death diseases, or any sickness declared upon them) and those who desire to walk under GOD’s protective shield to prevent any sickness or disease from coming upon them, and that GOD has a very effective plan of prevention. This writing will teach the Christian how to stay free from sickness and disease through following God’s blueprint outlined in His Word. He strongly desires that His children receive this revelation. GOD has never, and never will, leave His children exposed to anything harmful without providing a way to be protected from it (I Cor. 10:13).

He has and is still revealing, with clarity through His Word and through living witnesses, that He does heal to the “uttermost,’’ (Heb. 7:25) those that come to Him through His Word. All past failures in this area are attributable to the truth stated in Hosea 4:6 which reads, “My people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge.”

In this hour in which we live, it is very evident that the powers of darkness have increased in the earth. The wicked one seems to be accelerating his devices upon people to destroy mankind with deadly diseases and disasters as written in Revelation 12:12-b “…the devil is come down unto you having great wrath because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.” However, the previous verse also tells us that, “…they overcame him by the blood of the lamb and by the word of their testimony” (Rev. 12:11-a). This is the message discussed in this writing. We overcome by the blood of Jesus and the confessions of His Word. Knowing this deep in our Spirit is essential for this hour that we live in.

Jesus personally took upon Himself, through His blood and suffering at Calvary (Isa. 53:3-4), every sickness and disease that hell could ever impose upon a believer. He gave to us, through the Word of GOD, the authority to not only demolish any existing diseases, but to repel every potential diabolical disease that the devil could ever muster up, against a believer, in this hour of darkness (Luke 10:19). Victory comes through the word of GOD alone (Prov. 4:20-22; Heb. 1:3).

I am a living witness to these truths, having been healed of three of the world’s deadliest diseases (without medicine) but through the Word of GOD alone. Because of the miracles God has done in my life, I feel compelled to share how God led me to fight the good fight of faith and the scriptural basis I stood on. GOD never intended for His children to experience sickness (nor fear of such) in our bodies. Through His Word, God has instructed us on how to prevent sickness, as well as ways we can be free from any existing disease. Any such existing victim can come to a position of “confidence,” of faith (I Cor. 10:13) and expectancy (Rom. 4:20). Those who hear and speak His Words or instructions (such as the confessions that are written in this documentation) continually can see the manifestations of healing ultimately come to a full completion. GOD is faithful.

I’d like to describe three main health challenges that I battled in the past in a nutshell and will give more details on each later in this testimonial story. My first major challenge was in 1977, when I was personally attacked with the most deadly physical ailment known to mankind. Through the grace of GOD and His miracle power alone, I became a pioneer, as the first and only person on earth to be attacked by and to be healed of the disease known by the medical institutions of the world as “Sponge Kidneys.” This is a rare mysterious ailment that kills (and has killed all of its 700 victims on earth, in days) since its first discovery in 1949.

Immediately after being diagnosed of this, I was sent home to die, and actually did die. However, I had committed my healing to God during my last breath in bed that night, and the next morning when I woke up He had raised me from the dead in bed and miraculously gave me new kidneys and restored my blood! As I said, because of receiving this healing miracle I feel compelled to share my testimony so others can benefit from my experience. I want everyone to realize that GOD is not a respecter of persons and that He does heal to the utmost, with no limitations (Heb. 7:25), those who come to Him through His Word.

My second healing testimony occurred ten years later in 1987. I was then attacked by yet the second highest killer of people today, a massive, “valve-damaging” heart attack. GOD intervened and through the working of faith, and the use of His Word, He delivered me from the forces of death in which I will explain later. I actually saw death beings contending for my life (Jude 1:9). It’s very rare that anyone survives this kind of heart attack. This recovery was uncomfortable and long but I give GOD all the praise for restoring my heart valve by His own hand. I never sought medical expertise for help for this condition nor have I ever taken a heart pill. I am now 70 years old and have actually jogged more in the last 28 years than I did during my teenage years.

Finally, eleven years after that heart attack, in 1998, my third healing testimony occurred after I was attacked by yet the highest killer disease known (by documented toll numbers): cancer. God personally appeared to me during this one, and anointed me with oil by His very own hands, and healed me of that condition that developed from a hemorrhoidectomy. I prayed initially, but it was only after increasing my confessions of Scripture three times a day, and after attending an all-night prayer meeting at my church on Friday 1/31/08 that my healing occurred.

After that meeting I was at home in my basement praising GOD when He showed up. He held a handful of olive oil and slapped me in the rear with it. Instantly I was miraculously healed of a ten-year issue of blood that had turned into cancer, (I will share more later in greater detail).

In this writing I will be sharing more about these healing and actual confessions I’ve used which helped me to achieve instant healings from accidents, serious health symptoms and other diseases. I strongly believe that if I had not made these confessions and had presented myself to a doctor for documentation while sick, rather than strongly rebuking symptoms on the spot, that many of the conditions would have progressed to very serious or a deadly diagnosis.

My first attempt to document my healing testimonies was not very successful. After my former attempt, I felt GOD lightly rebuke me for omitting some of the in-depth testimonies and revelation truths that I had received from the Word of God for fear of offending some people, or being criticized, and condemned by others. I felt GOD had strongly led me to abort that writing and rewrite my testimony including those raw truths He had revealed to me. GOD assured me of His protective hand against such reprisals. My aim is, therefore, to be as honest, accurate and transparent as possible for the reader’s sake.

Unadulterated Healing Truths That God Wants To Convey To This Generation

I believe there’s one truth that GOD wants to convey to this generation concerning health maintenance, or preventing disease from coming upon us that we can control and that is this: we need to speak the Word of God over our bodies and minds daily. God has ordained us as “Life-Speaking Spirits” (I Cor. 15:45), “as Jesus is” (I John 4:17). We need to speak healing words to our bodies daily (I Thess. 5:17). If we neglect to pray or speak healing confessions over our bodies consistently, temptation may await us (Luke 22:46), and we could be leaving a door open for the enemy. The wicked one has perfect access and a given right, according to the Word of GOD (Matt. 13:19), to catch away this word and the reality of this healing concept, and to blind us from the revelation of this truth (Prov. 4:20-22; I Thess. 5:17; Psalm 55:17-18; Dan. 6:10, 6:13, and 6:16-c, etc.)

When we don’t respond to GOD’s Word in a certain area, especially once the truth has been revealed to us, we will be judged for not obeying the Word and it is accounted to us as being asleep in that area (I Thess. 5:6). Jesus is recorded as teaching, “While men slept, his enemies came and sowed tares among the wheat and went his way” (Matt. 13:25). Today, too many believers are needlessly dying of cancer and other diseases when the power and ability to fight them off is in their spirit.

The enemy has vastly sown seeds and tares of doubt, deception, and fear into this generation of believers concerning health and divine healing. I believe that it’s simply because they are not making a sufficient amount of daily confessions for their health, (according to GOD’s Word, as will be shown later). To many, daily confessing the Word over themselves seems too demanding, so they have traditionally sought medical means. But the Word says only “the things that are revealed belong to us and our children” (Deut. 29:29). We must realize and understand, GOD has not revealed the remedies to heal the many deadly diseases and plagues of these Last Days through the medical community. Deuteronomy 29:29 tells us that, “The secret things belong to GOD.” But I believe God, our Father, will give us the answer to any health problem that we have if we will ask Him for the answer.

The ways to defeat the unresolved killers are still secret—most cures are not revealed through medical channels. We still have to seek GOD in faith for these. GOD’s way is so simple, yet the enemy has snuffed out many lives, but no more. This article contains scriptural confessions that cover every organ, member and system of the human body, and speaking these confessions in faith daily will prevent or destroy all diseases from the body.

The majority of God’s people, have been lured away (asleep) from God’s invincible Word, and we have turned to alternatives. However God’s Word, including many commands still stands, from the Old to New Covenant (Prov. 4:20-22; Heb. 10: 23). Proverbs 4:20-22 specifically applies to the condition we need to meet for our health and healing for our “whole body.” It reads, “My son, attend unto my words, incline thine ears unto my sayings.” The word, “WORDS,” and the clause “EARS unto my SAYINGS” relate to the actions of both “SPEAKING” and “HEARING.” Romans 10:17 reads, “FAITH COMES BY HEARING AND HEARING…” Making faith confessions, is literally speaking to our mountain (sickness) daily and is the main way we can build our faith.

Proverbs 4:20-22 concludes, “Let them (God’s sayings) not depart from thine eyes, keep them in the midst of thine heart. “For they are life to those who find them and health to a man’s whole body” (NIV). This is the single, most straight-forward process written in God’s Word relating to helping believers build their faith for healing for the whole body. Even though the way to build our faith is clearly outlined, Jesus said in Luke 18:8-b, “Nevertheless, when the son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?” The implication is that when Jesus comes the second time, He will not find faith on the earth, because very few will be following the Word’s instructions.

The Devil Uses The Word Against Us If We Aren’t Diligent To Use It Against Him

Medicine and technology have subtly made believers make seeking divine healing a low priority in their life. Daily we need to be possessing and increasing our faith for healing. In these Last Days of accelerating terminal, quick killer diseases from hell, I believe many believers must now resort back to the simple faith God requires that protects us and destroys every disease. We are told in Hebrews 10:23, “Let us hold fast to our profession (confession) of faith without wavering for he is faithful that promised.”

Believers today have not been exempted from GOD’s requirement to speak healing words to their bodies, perpetually (Prov. 4:20-22). Scriptural revelation and confirmation concerning “praying without ceasing” (as will be shown later) will show that praying continuously (I Thess. 5:17) is also ascribed to praying three times daily, and that means every day forever. But without proper scriptural reference here, reluctance will prevail.

As I previously stated, on January 31, 2008, GOD healed me of colon cancer that developed from a complication of a hemorrhoidectomy surgery I had ten years earlier in December of 98. For a ten year period, from the time I had the surgery to when God healed me, I faithfully confessed healing Scriptures covering that traumatic condition on a daily basis. Being so impressed with that miracle of healing (Heb. 10:23) that occurred for me, I have covered every organ and system of my body with confessions three times a day since then for seven years, which amounts to approximately 7,665 times and counting. I confessed all of these healing confessions not just for myself, but also for my wife, Shirley and my son Jonathan. This has not been a chore, but a joy.

Confessing the Word is just our “reasonable” service. It also activates both our scriptural medicine and health insurance that GOD has ordained for us, and it helps us to break any negative chain of thought. As we have already said we are life-speaking spirits (as JESUS is so are we in this world—Jn. 4:17), and using our words to bring God’s will into our bodies is in our DNA. The enemy, however, has dimmed generations of GOD’s people’s perception to think that repeatedly confessing a lot of Scripture is too much of a burden. Therefore, they don’t follow these instructions and as a result Satan has succeeded in shortening many loved ones lives with dreadful diseases that should have never occurred.

The enemy is so persuasive in this pursuit that we will find that many of our loved ones are seemingly, paralyzed in responding, even after hearing the truth about confessing the Word. Therefore, others have to confess the Word over them for their protection (as often as they do for themselves) until this reality sets in with them. We do this because there’s a lot at stake.

My learning experience related to faith confessions came when I was attacked through a dream I had in 1977. Keep in mind I knew nothing about faith confessions, nor binding and loosing at the time. I dreamed that I was urinating pure blood, and as it ended in that dream, I saw my wife, Shirley and I standing before our doctor, who instructed us that I would be dead in a matter of days. Sure enough, that scenario came to pass a few days later.

When I was diagnosed with Sponge Kidney that day the doctor prepared Shirley for my death and sent me home to die. I was already urinating pure blood every couple of hours. It was only five days from the doctor’s visit until I died at home in bed at night. I went into “lock-jaw” and through clenched teeth, at my last breath and with everything within me I committed my healing to JESUS with all my heart. As I said earlier, the diagnosis was “SPONGE KIDNEY” a condition which has swiftly killed all of the 700 people who have ever been diagnosed with it.

GOD raised me from the dead the next morning with new kidneys and new blood to become the only person on earth to survive “Sponge Kidney.” This was strictly mercy. I knew nothing about faith. It was a creative miracle of world renowned proportions. That experience launched me into the understanding that medicine is complementary, but not an alternative, to daily faith confessions for the people of GOD who intend to live long healthy lives on this earth, without bodily trauma. Once God spoke to confirm that He healed me through His mercy, I never reported back to any medical professional.

Healing Truths, Unadulterated

Any existing manifestations of diseases, symptoms and even the fear of such, will stop and reverse themselves if we constantly confess healing Scriptures over ourselves (Mark 11:23). If we don’t confess healing words, however, the enemy will gradually impose a fear package that you can’t resist, to accomplish his goal.

In my second great trial, I experienced a massive heart attack in July of 1987. At that time, I had become accustomed to thanking the Lord for His healing power, and confessing healing Scriptures over the Sponge Kidney situation daily. I was confident that it was secure forever, and it was, but I didn’t realize that the unconfessed areas, (heart, etc.) were open for attack by the enemy at will. My diet, sleep, rest, and work habits, and stress situations were chaotic at that time with stress being especially high related to my work environment.

Coincidentally, several weeks before that attack, I was given a couple of teaching tape series entitled, “How to Live and Not Die,” and “By Jesus’ 39 Stripes, Ye were Healed.” I was especially intrigued by the teaching so I really listened to them with my spiritual ears. I believe GOD allowed me to receive revelation knowledge from them and get built up to prepare me for what the enemy was going to try to attack me with. I meditated on them, not because I thought I was in danger of ever needing them, but because the information was new to me and I had never heard this type of teaching before. (See my full testimony later, under “Healed of an Unsurvivable Heart Attack.”)

I still had pain and discomfort around my heart area six months after the heart attack in 1987. Every pain and symptom that I felt in my heart, led me to naturally think that a part of my heart (which was numb) was decaying. As I inhaled, I could feel sharp pin-like pains which led me to think that some of the larger conduits around the heart were shut down and blood was forcing its way through the smaller veins to compensate. Without my previous preparation of meditating on the Word of GOD before that mishap, and an unexplainable instinct to swiftly bind death and rest completely on the confessions of GOD’s Word, (rather than meditating on the pain and agony), I couldn’t have endured that type of pain and devastation.

The Position of Strong Faith: How It Works

God wants His children to birth our hearts’ desires, and our life’s destiny, with our mouths (confessions) and live our lives out in His kingdom of Faith with our confessions. We can come to really know that any challenges that we encounter in the areas of our confessions are temporary. We need to know that they will fade away. God actually commands us to not even look at them!

II Corinthians 4:18 reads, “While we look not at the things which are seen, (that includes things that are observable by X-ray, CT-scan, electro-cardiogram, mammogram, etc.), but at things which are not seen (things we claim by the Word), for the things that are seen are temporary, (they have to succumb to our words—Luke 18:7), but things which are not seen are eternal.” In truly conforming to this call of GOD, we are not to be moved by symptoms and feelings. We rebuke the symptoms and the cause and they will flee in the name of JESUS (James 4:7).

If we are fearful and seek a medical specialist to consult with at the same time we are walking the faith-confession walk concerning the problem, we may be forfeiting unmovable truths for False Evidence Appearing Real (FEAR). GOD has ordained that His Word is more than enough to bring us healing and He can be trusted. He is watching over His confessed Word and He will perform it. This is the faith that pleases GOD (Heb. 11:6).

Otherwise, verbally identifying what it is gives the enemy access to influence our thought and sense realm, which he has access to in addition to our bodies. Scripture tells us that, “For as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he” (Prov. 23:7).

Meditating on the doctor’s report subjects us to a mind battle that GOD’s Word has transformed us from (Rom. 12:1-2). When we are focused on the natural realm, and when we are strongly influenced by a bad report given to us by medical specialists and persuaded that this is our lot in life, it may be too convincing to resist. This is especially so if they say “statistics show, and CT-scans indicate that you will be deceased in days.” Now the enemy will take the diagnosis and take great pleasure in using these words to inject fear and destroy us.

Job admitted that, “The thing that I greatly feared has come upon me” (Job 3:25). Fear opens the door, but faith confessions reverse that fear, and eventually that situation (Luke 18:5-7). Unfortunately falling into fear has often been the results for most of God’s people who traditionally wait, even if it is unknowingly, for the attack of the enemy, then run in fear (no faith). Then because of not having obeyed GOD’s Word that reads, “attend to my words, incline thine ears unto my sayings, let them not depart from thine eyes, keep them in the midst of thine heart, for they are life to those who find them and health to a man’s whole body” (Prov. 4:20-22, NIV), they fall into fear upon hearing any bad report.

Even when continuing to walk in the faith confession walk, for health or healing, there comes a point when we have to step out in trust, even when pain and symptoms are evident. This is the corresponding action. Symptoms or pain, for the faith-confessing Christian, are not the determining factor stipulating that the person is not healed. The confessions of our mouths and the belief in our hearts are the determining factors that we are healed. Believers should be walking by faith, not by sight (II Cor. 5:7), and we can rest assured that the manifestation of healing will surely come. In 1987, I received my heart as healed in the spiritual and natural realms 18 months before the manifestation occurred in the natural. This is called believing with your heart. Also in 1977 I refused to be moved by the 50 plus X-ray shots confirming the “Sponge Kidneys” diagnosis and the specialists’ statement predicting that I would die soon. As I said earlier, even though I did die, GOD then actually brought me back to life and healed me.

I can now assure you that nothing can stop GOD’s Word when we comply, no matter how deadly the statistics, natural circumstances, or the specialists’ diagnosis, GOD is GOD. His Word will not return void, and He will not go on record, at the end of days, that someone could say that they applied GOD’s Word and He didn’t answer them (Isa. 55:11). I have come to know that trusting anything or anyone other than GOD, to help us be victorious over the known deadly diseases of these Last Days, is more like playing Russian roulette or gambling in any other way.

The healing of my physical heart was gradual, through the working of faith. It was not an instantaneous miracle as I had received before in my other healing related to the Sponge Kidney condition. This miracle strengthened me to have even more confidence in GOD’s protection in the direst of circumstances and help me to overcome the fear of death. Hebrews 2:15 tells us that the fear of death causes men to always be in bondage. Fear will impose a mental pressure on a person to come up with a remedy, which can be limited, or non-existent, depending on the circumstances.

Faith shifts the care of it onto GOD, who never fails, and who “is able to do exceedingly above all we can ask or think, according to the power that we allow to work in us” (Eph. 3:20). That power that works in us is increased/activated primarily from us confessing God’s Word. In the 28 years since I had that deadly heart attack I’m almost sure that I haven’t missed a day in confessions, and in praising GOD for my new heart. It’s in praising God and giving glory to Him that seals strong faith in a believer (Rom. 4:20). It’s a confident and joyful walk.

From the time of my full recovery from that heart attack, (approximately 26 years ago) I’ve been jogging on a daily basis. I jog more on a daily basis now at the age of 70 than when I was 18 years old! Two years after that heart attack, out of curiosity I got an electrocardiogram, to see what the status of my heart was and the test showed that my heart was functioning perfectly. By faith, my heart was completely renewed by the Word of God, with no patches or stitches. This is God’s way. I’ve never taken a heart pill, I’m not on any expensive recall, nor do I have to pay for expensive prescriptions for chemical maintenance that have no guarantee.

God’s maintenance warranty is financially costless, and comes with a guarantee (Prov. 4:20-22). Again, I believe that this is the message that God wants to convey to this end time generation: through His Word, God has provided protection for His children to walk free of the increasing diabolical diseases, plagues and attacks that the wicked one is releasing in these Last Days. God’s instructions are clear for those who obey.

If we are not daily confessing the Word, the enemy can often sneak in and impose his subtle thoughts and devices on GOD’S people. GOD’s Word advises us to stay in a readiness position (through confessions) to deflect any of the devil’s devices that he is so anxious to impose upon GOD’s people (Prov. 4:20-22; Heb. 10:23). Knowing this truth has helped me to joyfully cover every area of my body in daily confessions, perpetually. GOD upholds all things “by the word of his power” (Heb. 1:3).

The enemy knows that believers are life-thinking (Prov. 23:7), life- speaking (Mark 11:23), spirit beings that will produce what we think and talk about. Therefore, he desires to influence our thinking based on what we see, hear or feel. Scripture tell us that, “He goeth forth as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour” (I Pet. 5:8), and he will quickly exploit any area he can, especially those we are not diligently taking care of and covering with our confessions. He will also exploit any area that he can inject fear in through any weakness in us automatically.

I can seemingly, relate areas of abuse in diet, food, drink, stress and lack of rest to some of my major attacks. Before the Sponge Kidney situation in 1977, I remember that I had indulged in drinking a lot of a certain cola soda and grape juice mix I had concocted, because of the tantalizing fizz and the throat tingling sensation it gave me. If I remember correctly, I almost totally substituted that drink for any water intake. After thinking about it, that might have been Satan’s invention and not mine.

Protecting Your Faith From “Worldly” Reality’s Lures

Because of the severity of the deadly attacks and diseases that I’ve experienced in the past, when faced with symptoms I choose to stay with my confessions and refrain from thinking and talking about the technical, visual and medical prognosis and projections according to II Corinthians 4:18. If hadn’t done this I would have been over-impacted negatively by them. Once again, remember that II Corinthians 4:18 says, “While we look not at the things which are seen (by the natural eye but also by X-ray, CT-scan, etc.), but the things which are not seen (GOD’s Word): for the things which are seen are temporary (they give way to the words of confession); but the things which are not seen (the words we speak) are eternal.”

The words we speak produce what we “keep on” commanding them to produce, in spite of circumstances (Luke 18:7). I’m committed to speaking and confessing health to every organ and member of my body three times daily, and faith comes by hearing and hearing (Rom. 10:17). Because of this I don’t have to present myself before a medical authority to speak into reality, things that God’s Word declares are just “temporary,” and will pass away. This is the benefit of the promises of God to whosoever will hear and obey. Until we begin to live this walk, we miss the greatest peace this life has to offer. If I had known what I know now, 40 years ago, I would have never purchased health insurance then. Keep in mind, I didn’t say life insurance.

Scripturally, besides practicing good health habits, GOD intends for His people to trust in Him and His word alone for health maintenance—which is the only remedy for every earth disease or plague of these Last Days. Proverbs 3:5-6 tells us to, “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways, acknowledge Him and He will direct thy paths.” Scripturally, GOD wants to be man’s total healer and He never intended for man to resort to any other system. The exception to this is requesting prayer from the Elders in the Church, who will walk in this God-kind-of-faith (James 5:14-15).

Jesus asked in Luke 18:8, “When the Son of Man comes, shall He find faith in the Earth?” Actually, man, and this includes believers, have traditionally drifted so far from faith and seeking God’s healing that anyone who decides to walk in the joy of this divine health protection God’s way, will often be ridiculed by the people of God who should be living it themselves! Meditating on, confessing and acting on the Word of God is God’s blood-bought plan and a must for today. There is no condemnation however for seeking remedies that God has revealed to man (Deut. 29:29), and He has provided many natural remedies for certain conditions.

I choose not to allow assessments to be made on me from any man made (medical or technical) standpoint. Again, this is because any natural documentation, visual reality or negative symptom, which is temporary to those who are walking in the confession of faith walk, will only create that much more of a “mental” barrier, the believer has to cross back over from (II Cor. 4:18), to resume the faith walk. For the person who walks in the daily “confession of faith for health” walk, that abiding faith keeps that person from the fear or symptom that would cause them to run to get an examination to see if there’s a “condition or disease” in their soul or body, especially when his or her daily confessions cover the whole body.

Again, there are consequence for disobeying II Corinthians 4:18 which tells us to, “look not at the things which are seen… for they are temporary.” Keep in mind that Jesus taught that, “He that seeketh, findeth…” (Luke 11:10-a). Here’s another fact to keep in mind: once a medical doctor or specialist researches a person’s symptoms which are described to them, the law of faith comes into play on his behalf, (“he that seeketh, findeth”). Rest assured, they will find something and name it! Now, it is no more a temporary condition but a permanent one when they looked at it and gave a name to it (II Cor.4:18). Again, when walking in the confession of faith walk, (when obeying II Cor. 4:18), symptoms, pain, etc., just fade away. They become temporary. This is my experience and a “CAKE WALK” for the faith confessing believer.

For anyone who has not yet developed their faith through daily confessions in such areas, my advice to them is to respond to and pray over medical observation and counseling, but begin confessing healing Scriptures as soon as possible until faith is developed to sustain you. Developing this kind of faith comes over a process of time just like learning to hear the voice of God. However, developing your faith can be greatly accelerated with a determination in your heart to trust GOD’s Word. This will require meditating on the Word of GOD relating to healing and faith, to build your faith. When your faith has come to its fullness, you will know it for yourself—no one else can dictate it for you.

To the unsaved, as well as those who have not pursued a health confession lifestyle, their status of life and protection from sickness and disease may be limited to the clinical technological discoveries, (which are many). Who wants to be at the mercy of the truly traumatic cancers and other existing humiliating diabolical diseases that have subjected some of us and some of our loved ones to dreadful chemical substances, expensive treatments with very harmful side effects, pain, etc.? In many cases, many people who go through chemotherapy, radiation and other treatments to kill off “bad” things in our bodies still have tragic endings. I personally witnessed seeing this situation play out in my brother’s life years ago. It is imperative to pursue GOD’s divine healing plan that is peaceful, incapacitating, infallible and assuring (Prov. 4:20-22).

No one has ever really knowingly chosen to experience a terminal disease or other type of serious ailment. Many who have fallen into such a state would have chosen any alternative to avoid such if they had known one existed. As I’ve already shared, I fell victim to the enemy’s devices and wished for many days in my misery that someone would have come along to inform me of an alternative to the suffering that I went through.

Now that I have learned through experience, my heart’s desire is to inform this generation through my experience that the spoken word of GOD is our best refuge, just as I have testified. Jesus said “my yoke is easy and my burden is light” (Matt. 11:30). Jesus willingly took upon himself all of the pain and suffering so that we, His children, could have good health, peace of mind, and a long life in this world. He has given us the blueprint, which is His Word, to receive it. Now we have the choice whether to follow His instructions or not.

God’s Blueprint For Our Long Healthy Lives

GOD has given us His word as His measuring stick for longevity. Concerning man, GOD said, “his days shall be 120 years” (Gen. 6:3). GOD also said, “With long life will I satisfy him and show him my salvation” (Ps. 91:16), and “He that dwells in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty” (Ps. 91:1). Moses is GOD’s example of what God intended for man. Moses lived to be 120 years old, and his eyes never dimmed, nor was his strength abated (Deut. 34:7).

Hebrews 6:12 exhorts us, “That ye be not slothful, but followers of them who through faith and patience, inherited the promises.” God gives us two scriptural conditions for living a full healthy, satisfactory life.

  1. Abide under His shadow, which means dwelling in His Word and in fellowship with Him, etc. Prov. 4:20-22; Ps. 91:1, 16, etc.
  2. Following the example of those who through faith and patience inherited the promises (Heb. 6:12).NOTICE: “Moses was faithful in all his house as a servant for a testimony of those things which were to be spoken after” (Heb. 3:5). You may be asking the QUESTION: What were the things that were to be spoken after?

ANSWER: That we likewise, be faithful in our day, in our house which is CHRIST’S HOUSE, THE NEW TESTAMENT HOUSE, so that we can be partakers of these blessings of long life, and health, just as Moses received under his house, (the Old Covenant House, Heb. 3:5).

Now notice: “But Christ, as a son over his house, whose house are we, if we hold fast the confidence and the rejoicing of the hope firm unto the end…” (Heb. 3:6).

Notice again: Moses was faithful in all his house, as a servant, for a testimony of those things that were to be spoken after (Heb. 3:5). We see here that the things that were to be spoken after (the Old Covenant) for us is that we be faithful in all things too, and for us, I believe it refers to the holding fast to our confessions (Heb. 3:6).

Notice that the condition of being partakers of a long life and receiving all that Christ has for us is this: We are to hold fast our confessions and confidence, firm unto the end, (Heb. 3:6; 3:14; 10:23). We are to never stop confessing for our health and other things as the Spirit leads. Remember that we are under a better covenant than Moses was (Heb. 8:6), and with him as our example, we are also given the blessings of living long healthy lives, (120 healthy years), without our strength abating nor our eyes dimming, etc., as in Moses’ life (Deut. 34:7).

Again, Hebrews 6:12 plainly instructs us to not be slothful, but to be followers of them who through faith and patience, inherited the promises. As our composite or example, this comparison is given to us to remind us that developing and maintaining faith and patience is our God-given condition we need to meet in order to receive a long life as Moses did. Sadly, the Church has missed this important truth for generations.

Let’s look one more time at the three different Scriptures we are using for long life. “Christ Jesus, was faithful to him that appointed him, as also Moses was faithful in all his house” (Heb. 3:1-2). “But Christ as a son over his own house, whose house we are if we hold the confidence and rejoicing of hope firm unto the end” (Heb. 3:6). “Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering for he is faithful that promised” (Heb. 10:23). We have to hold fast to our confession without wavering night and day until we have the promises that we are confessing. This is the clear condition for us to live a long, healthy life also.

Long life, divine health, healing, and maintaining our youth are things that are clearly reflective of Moses. We are to faithfully, daily confess health to our bodies to have infirmity-free bodies forever. We can now better understand the reason for the commands of (Prov. 4:20-22; Ps. 55:17-18; Dan. 6:10, 6:13; Josh. 1:8; Heb. 3:6; Heb. 10:23; etc.).

Entire generations of the Church have missed this information and many souls have suffered with not only minor diseases, (that were not of God) but also with serious and terminal diseases, because of not knowing God’s divine plan for health. Even though some in this most recent generation have heard it, many have not really taken the time to receive it for themselves, including walking this truth out in their lives. Satan has stolen years from some believer’s lives because of ignorance as we quoted earlier. Many people are even deceived into thinking that man has to die with some disease, but God’s Word specifically says, “With long life will I satisfy him and show him my salvation, (deliverance from all temporal evils).

God’s Superheroes In Scripture, As Examples To Follow (Heb. 6:12)

Let’s take a look at GOD’s superheroes in both the Old and New Testament. I studied people in the Bible who achieved the greatest victories under the direst of circumstances and noticed that they all had one trait in common. That trait is this: they all prayed three times daily in the midst of their most fiery trials, or they systematically prayed all of their lives three times daily. Let’s take a look at each one.





King David

Most victorious King

Evening, morning, noon

(Ps. 55:17-18)

Elijah the Prophet

Most elusive Prophet

Prayed 3 times, raised a dead baby (I Kings 17:21)

Daniel the Prophet

Prophet with most excellent spirit

Prayed 3 times daily as he always did aforetime (Dan. 6:10; 6:13)

Apostle Paul

Chief Apostle

Sought God thrice, concerning the messenger from Satan

(II Cor. 12:8)


KING OF ALL KINGS and Lord of Lords

Prayed 3 times at Gethsemane

(Mk. 14:41)

HAD VICTORIES OVER VERY TREACHEROUS BEASTS, OR WERE ASSOCIATED WITH SUCH: Killed lions, slept safely with lions, were delivered from lions, is the lion of the tribe of Judah.





King David

Most victorious King

Slew the lion and the bear

(I Sam. 17:36)


Base follower of David became valiant, was set to rule over David’s guard

Slew a lion on a snowy day (II Chron. 11:22) prayed like David did

Daniel the Prophet

Prophet with the Most excellent spirit

Spent night safely in the lion’s den (Dan. 6:22)

Apostle Paul

Chief Apostle

Delivered out of lion’s mouth

(II Tim. 4:17)


Lord of Lords

Is the lion of the tribe of Judah

Key reference to praying without ceasing, as praying 3 times a day:

According to the book of Daniel (Dan. 6:10, 6:13), Daniel prayed three times daily. The princes reported to King Darius that Daniel was praying three times daily. Darius ascribed Daniel’s practice of praying three times every day to serving God continually (Dan. 6:16, 20). Praying three times daily is ascribed to praying continually. Paul instructs us to pray without ceasing (I Thess. 5:17).

The Deception That “Pain And Deterioration Always Accompanies Aging”

A pain-ridden worn out body isn’t God’s will for the aging believer. We’ve come to believe that it’s normal for people to lose mobility and other abilities as they age. This is not scriptural.NOTICE: “I pray God that your whole spirit, soul and body be preserved blameless (free from any cause including aging etc.) unto the coming of the LORD” (I Thess. 5:23). You can see that Paul prays that the body is preserved. This preservation or maintenance comes through our praying and confessing God’s Word on a daily basis.

The next verse confirms GOD’s commitment. Paul continued to write: “Faithful is He that called you, who will do it” (I Thess. 5:24). If we confess pain-free, God will keep us pain-free forever. We have 120 years promised. It is through confessions that we receive. God is faithful when we commit to this.

Nearly all of us are familiar with the fact that at one point Abraham made a quality commitment to offer up his son Isaac as a living sacrifice to God because God requested it. God saw his willingness to do this IN HIS HEART and was pleased. Abraham didn’t even have to complete the act to please God. Once He saw that Abraham was willing to do it and took steps toward the completion of the task, the matter was settled. God then committed to offer up His Son, JESUS, for our redemption which transpired in the earth many centuries later.

Once I received the revelation knowledge/understanding about speaking healing confessions over my body, according to GOD’s Word for total health and healing (Prov. 4:20-22), I made a heart-felt commitment and a quality decision to do so three times daily, forever. It has paid off greatly. Yes, it does take time but I’ve learned if I don’t invest the time in confessing the Word, I’ll spend more time waiting in the doctor’s offices, going through surgeries, etc. God always sees a true heart-felt commitment when someone makes it, and He knows it. That decision set the course for a “strong faith” walk for me, in the area of health maintenance, and it will do the same for anyone else who makes a commitment to do so. He has also kept me free from pain and free from fears about sickness and the many traumatic diseases of these Last Days.

God’s Word Changes The Deception That “Aging Equals Deterioration”

There are several reasons for perpetually speaking to the body daily, for the rest of our lives, for health maintenance that we’ve already discussed according to (Prov. 4:20-22; Heb. 10:23; Prov. 18:14). One main reason for doing so is because many undetected time-released viruses, bacteria or even generational spirits and diseases that are illusive to medical technology’s advancements will find a hiding place in one’s body to daily advance itself, undetected, to trouble us significantly years later. The Bible says “all things are naked and open unto the eyes of Him (the Word of GOD) with whom we have to do” (Heb. 4:13). Those generational diseases may hide out from man’s technology, but they will never hide out from GOD and His Word, to bring the individual to a TIME SCHEDULED, painful, dreadful aging process under the deception that “it’s just the normal aging process.”

Worry, pain, stress, impaired mobility, impaired memory, dreadful diagnoses and dependency on prescription medicines, and needing others to take care of us are not the plans that God has ordained for his aging children. His Word is our medicine, and His solution to the downward spiral many fall into as they age. Nothing can evade his Word (Prov. 4:20-22; Prov. 18:14; Ps. 91:16). As long as we are alive, it’s never too late to reverse this activity through confessions. All of my pains have diminished long ago, and as I said earlier I am currently 70 years old.


Throughout the New Testament, Jesus uses natural illustrations to convey Kingdom truths. Paul and the other authors of the New Testament followed His example. Hebrews 4:12 tells us that, “the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword.”

The application that applies here today for the body is that, the Word of GOD is more effective than or superior to any cutting instrument (surgeon’s scalpel) to accomplish a healing procedure, without bloodshed (Prov. 4:20-22).


The portion of Scripture that we quoted above goes on to say, “piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit” (Heb. 4:12).

The application that applies here for the soul is that the Word of GOD is the most effective cutting or surgical instrument (Acts 7:54) for any disease related to the mind or brain. It will cause the mind to properly connect and align to the mind of Christ without bloodshed (Prov. 4:20-22). This will remove sickness and disease from the soul and bring in total healing.


Hebrews 4:12 goes on to say that the Word of God will pierce even to the dividing asunder of the body related to “the joints and marrow” (Heb. 4:12).

The application here for the body is that the Word of GOD is the most effective surgical tool to perform bone surgeries, alignments of the back and joints, etc. without bloodshed, complications, etc. (Prov. 4:22). Call healing into your bone marrow cells and bones every day.


Hebrews tells us that the Word is “a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart” (Heb. 4:12).

The application here is for the soul, so that the Word is definitely more effective than any cutting instrument, drug or scalpel, etc., which is not even applicable for such a need. The Word is applicable and effective, and understands the condition of the heart (spirit and soul) so as to realign the thoughts, reasoning’s, imaginations, emotions, actions, and cares of this world back to God’s perspective, which is the will of GOD as stated in Proverbs 4:22-23.


“Neither is there any creature that is not manifest in his sight: but all things are naked and open unto the eyes of him with whom we have to do” (Heb.4:13).

The application here is for the body, and the Word of GOD that we speak is more effective than any instrument because it is the only power existing that GOD has ordained that searches (Rom. 8:27), finds and destroys every hidden disease germ, bacteria, cancer, or any other hidden time-release bacteria, or even any generational disease. The Word does this without the chemical-based tissue-damaging elements, and without bloodshed (Prov. 4:20-22).

Prelude To Confessions: Scriptural Foundation

Here are some Scriptures to meditate on that are the scriptural foundation we should have in us prior to confessing the Word. In other words, we should have prayed over and studied these before we embark on confessing the Word.

  1. In everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let your request be known unto God (Phil. 4:6).
  2. If ye shall ask (the Greek word for ask is “aiteo” which means: require, desire, crave, command) anything in my name, I will do it (Jn. 14:14 AMP).
  3. Whosoever shall say unto this mountain, be thou removed and be thou cast into the sea, and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass, he shall have whatsoever he saith (Mk. 11:23).
  4. Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering for he who promised is faithful (Heb. 10:23 NAS).

Jesus has given us authority in the earth (Luke 10:19). That authority extends to our physical bodies and souls. We are not necessarily demanding that God does something. We are demanding that Satan leave our soul and body and that our soul and body line up with the Word of God.

The Bible says that in everything by prayer and supplication and thanksgiving, we should make our request known unto God and that whatsoever we request in His name, He will do it (the implied meaning is also to demand). The Bible teaches us that in addition to confessing His Word, we are to also hold fast to our confessions of faith, for God who promised is faithful. We shall have what we say. Confess the following three times daily.

Healing Confessions For The Entire Body

Heavenly Father, I praise you and thank you for the redeeming blood of Jesus and this covenant promise and privilege to commit these confessions to you. I thank you that in Jesus’ name, they are fulfilled according to your Word. So Father, in the name of JESUS and by the power of the BLOOD, I decree and declare (Job 22:28) that all of my bodily members are healed; every cell, molecule, fiber, tissue, gland, organ, and system of my body functions in the perfection in which you created them to function, and I forbid any malfunction there in the name of JESUS. Every disease germ, virus, infection, malignant cell or any infirmity that attempts to come against these members, or any members of my body, dies instantly in the name of JESUS.

Father, you instructed us in your Word, in II Corinthians 4:18 that we are not to look at the things which are seen. These are things that exist in the natural realm or that come through our five senses like X-rays, CT-scans, mammograms, doctor’s reports, electro-cardiograms, etc., but at things which are not seen, primarily the Word of God. This is because the things which are seen are temporal, because they give way to the confession of the Word. But the things which are not seen, like God’s promises, are eternal. In other words, your Word confessions keep what we continually apply them to, forever (I Pet. 1:23; Lk. 18:7), in spite of circumstances.

Father, you said that the worlds were framed by the Word of GOD, so that things that are seen were not made by things that appear or that can be seen (Heb.11:3). So Father, in the name of JESUS and by the power of His Blood, I frame my body to perfect health by speaking perfect health words to my body with your Word (promises). I agree with Isaiah 53:3-4, that says, “With His (Jesus’) stripes, ye were healed.” Therefore, I declare and decree (Job 22:28), by the Word and by the Blood, that with JESUS’ stripes, I am already healed (Rev.12:11).

Nervous System

Here’s a few things that may be helpful to know about the human body’s nervous system: we have an autonomic, (involuntary) nervous system, an enteric (stomach) nervous system, and a somatic (voluntary) nervous system. The autonomic nervous system controls all the behind-the-scene stuff like blood pressure, blushing, heart action, breathing, urination, etc. A struggling autonomic nervous system brings along the stress and anxiety that cause us the most problems. It also hosts autoimmune disease, depression, PTSD, and other hard to handle problems. The enteric nervous system works to keep the stomach working properly. We control the somatic (voluntary) nervous system by moving an arm, wiggling our eyebrows, walking, talking, etc.

Now for the confessions: I call in new nerve cells, a new central nervous system, new nerves, and new myelin around my nerves from the top of my head to the tips of my toes and from the top of my head to the tips of my fingers in the name of JESUS. My nervous system is perfectly sound and healthy and remains healthy in the name of JESUS.

Nerves, be strong, healed, healthy, and function properly in Jesus’ name. My spinal column is healthy and every nerve cell is perfectly coordinated. My central nerve cells and glands are sound, healthy, functional, and perfectly tuned. All electrical, magnetic and chemical impulses are perfectly dispatched, my reflexes are responsive, and all motor factors and motor skills are operable. My autonomic nervous system works perfect in the name of JESUS. My nervous system is perfectly tuned to perfection and I forbid any irregularities or infirmities there in the name of JESUS. Now, practice getting into a quiet place and letting your involuntary (autonomic) nervous system work without any pressure on it (no worry, stress, anxiety, hurt feelings, resentment, strife, fear, bad imaginations, etc.)

Structrual System

My bone structural system (skeletal system) is perfectly healthy, calcium fortified and free of any deficiencies of any type in the name of JESUS. I call in and receive new discs and vertebrae in my neck and back, with proper spacing between each one in the name of JESUS. My vertebrae remains curvature free; my discs, vertebrae and bone structure systems are perfectly aligned and free of any pain or deterioration, and my bone tissue is healthy. My bone marrow produces healthy blood cells that destroy every malignant cell and every disease germ or infection that would attempt to invade this bodily structural system or any other systems in the name of JESUS. I forbid any bone spurs to manifest in my feet, hands or any other members of my body and I curse (Mark 11:21-c) any existing manifestations from them in the name of JESUS.


My tendons, ligaments and joints are sound and healthy. My cartilage is healthy in my joints and my joints are perfectly lubricated and mated to the sockets and remain wear-free. I forbid any arthritic symptoms, pain, disease germs, deficiencies, bone spurs, or any other deterioration to manifest therein, in the name of JESUS.

Digestive System

My digestive system is sound and healthy and properly processes the food I put in it. It provides the physical and chemical means to properly provide my body with absorbable nutrients. It properly excretes and expends all ingested substances in the perfection in which GOD created it to. I forbid any malignant cells, tumors, growths, malfunctions, irregularities, infirmities, or malformations there in the name of JESUS. My digestive system is chemically balanced and operating in the peace of God in Jesus’ name.

Reproductive System

In the name of JESUS and by the invincible power of the Blood, I call my reproductive system and organs healed, healthy and sound. MY PROSTRATE PSA reading is perfectly normal and remains normal and I forbid and curse (Mark 11:21-c) any irregularities, infirmities, malignant cells, growths, tumors, or cysts from my members that would attempt to invade them in the name of JESUS. I also command the miracle healing and restoration of any damaged or infected tissue to perfection, in the name of JESUS.

For Females: In the name of JESUS and by the power of the Blood, I decree (Job 22:28) that my MAMMOGRAM reading is clear, healthy, negative, and remains clear, healthy and negative as long as I live. I curse (Mark 11:21-c), bind (Matt. 18:18), rebuke (Titus 2:15), and forbid any irregularities, any infirmities, malignant cells, growths, tumors, cysts, etc., to manifest or reside in my breasts in the name of JESUS. In the name of JESUS and by the creative power of the blood, I command the miracle healing and restoration to perfection of any damaged or defective tissue in them in the name of JESUS.

In the name of JESUS and by the irresistible power of the Blood, all of my vital members, including my breasts, cervix, ovaries, uterus, womb and any related members and systems are healed. They remain free of any malignant cells, disease germs, growths, tumors, cysts, viruses, or infections in the name of JESUS. I curse any existing, and forbid any potential manifestations of such, from developing or residing in these members of mine in the name of JESUS.

Urinary Tract

My urinary tract is sound and healthy, and remains healthy, including my gallbladder and kidneys in the name of JESUS. I forbid any viruses, infections, cysts, disease germs, malignant cells, growths, harmful bacteria or tumors to manifest therein in the name of JESUS. I curse (Mark 11:21-c) any such existing manifestations in the name of JESUS.


My groin is sound, healthy and remains healthy in the name of JESUS and I forbid any viruses, infections, harmful bacteria, cysts, disease germs, malignant cells or any related infirmities to manifest therein, and I curse (Mark 11:21-c) any existing manifestations of such from therein, in the name of JESUS.

Muscular System

In the name of JESUS and by the power of the Blood, my muscle cells and tissues are sound and healthy, chemically balanced, and remain so for the rest of my life. I forbid any deterioration in them in the name of JESUS. My muscles are perfectly conditioned and flex to perfection, and are pain-free in the name of JESUS. My rotator cuffs are soundly healed and remain healthy, pain free and free of any damage or deterioration, in the name of JESUS. My feet are strong and not weak in the name of JESUS. My muscles and nerves are strong and not weak; healed and not sick in the name of JESUS.

Optical System

My eyes and optical system are healed; my retinas, pupils, corneas, irises, sclera, eye lenses, suspensory ligaments and every optical nerve cell and muscle are healed. I have perfect 20-20 vision and my eyesight is not dim, blurred nor distorted. I forbid any stigmatism, glaucoma or cataract infirmities or symptoms to manifest in my eyes and I rebuke such from my eyes in the name of JESUS. My eyes are perfectly concaved, shaped, tinted, and focused and I forbid any infection or macular degeneration in my eyes in the name of JESUS. I rebuke any accidents or injuries from my eyes, and my eyes will always be healed in the name of JESUS. I call in God, my Father, my healer and deliverer; JESUS my healer and deliverer; the Holy Spirit my healer and deliverer; and the Kingdom of God my healer and deliverer into every cell of my eyes. They have totally and completely healed and restored my eyes in every area in the name of JESUS.

Respiratory System

In the name of JESUS and by the power of the Blood, my respiratory system is perfectly sound, healthy, and functions in the perfection in which GOD designed it to function. My inhalation-exhalation process is normal and remains normal and I forbid any malfunction related to it in the name of JESUS. I bind and command every airborne or contact cold-like symptom, flu, flu-like symptom or infectious disease germ or allergy that would attempt to congest or negatively impact my sinus, nasal, throat, bronchial, pharynx, trachea or lung passages, in any way to die instantly, in the name of JESUS.

Immune System

My immune cells, immune system and resistance are sound and healthy and they destroy every disease germ, virus, infection, allergy, pathogen, harmful bacteria, malignant cell, cancer cell, and any infirmity that attempts to attack any system of my body. These systems which are protected from anything harmful include my skeletal system, muscular system, cardiovascular system, pulmonary/coronary system, circulatory system, respiratory system, nervous system, urinary system, digestive system, bladder system, lymphatic system, reproductive system, optical system or any other system of my soul and body in the name of JESUS.

Glands/Endocrine System

My entire endocrine system which includes every gland in my body is healthy and functions perfectly in the perfection that GOD created them to function. These include my hypothalamus gland, pineal gland, pituitary gland, thyroid gland, parathyroid gland, thymus gland, adrenal glands, pancreas gland, lymphatic gland, liver gland, mammary gland, prostate gland, and any other glands in my body. I forbid any malfunction in them in the name of JESUS.

Bone/Blood/Muscle/Skin Cells

My bone cells, blood cells, skin cells, muscle cells, and all my tissues are healthy and will remain healthy for the rest of my life. I forbid any disease germs, viruses, infections or malignant cells to manifest in them in the name of JESUS. I curse any existing manifestations of such from any of these, in the name of JESUS (Mark 11:21-c). I call in new skin, bone, blood, muscle, nerve, organ, brain, hair, and tissue cells in the name of JESUS.


In the name of JESUS, and by the power of the Blood of JESUS, I have the DNA of JESUS and by the Blood of JESUS, I am healed. Therefore, I curse (Mark 11:21-c) the spirit of sugar diabetes from my system in the name of JESUS! I decree (Job 22:28) that my pancreas produces insulin at the rate in which GOD created it to and I forbid any malfunction therein, in the name of JESUS.

Insulin is properly distributed through my blood cells and the receptors on my cells are carrying the insulin to my extremities, and my blood sugar remains between 80 and 120 in the name of JESUS. I command the reversal of any former or present sugar influxes that would manifest negatively against any optical nerves, nerve cells or organs of my body. I am healed and free of sugar diabetes in the name of JESUS.

My blood cholesterol LDL and HDL levels are normal and remain normal in the name of JESUS, and I forbid any excess manifestations or plaque-producing build-ups to manifest in my blood system in the name of JESUS! In the name of JESUS, my blood pressure is normal and will remain normal and I forbid any hypertension, stress, fear, anxiety, worry, etc., to overcharge or elevate my blood pressure. I also forbid any deficiencies to diminish my blood pressure below its normal range in the name of JESUS!

In the name of JESUS, my red/white corpuscle count remains perfectly balanced, my pH is normal, and my body metabolism is balanced. I forbid and curse (Mark 11:21-c) any disease germs, infections, malignant cells, infirmities, or deficiencies that would try to come against my blood system and I command them to come out in the name of JESUS!

Lymph Nodes

FATHER, I thank you that my lymph nodes are healthy. The lymph in my system properly returns from the cells of my body. My white blood cells are swiftly produced to respond to any inflammation in my lymph glands, vessels and sinuses through which it is carried. My lymphatic (thymus) tissues are healthy and they properly produce “T” cells for my immune system.

In the name of JESUS, I forbid any swollen lymph nodes, growths, or any inflammation in my lymphatic vessels, and forbid any destruction of any lymphatic vessels or lymphoid tissues. I forbid any abnormal increase or decrease in the number of lymphocytes in my blood in the name of JESUS. I curse (Mark 11:21-c) to destruction any defects, malignant cells, infections, or infirmities that would attempt to come against my lymphatic system in the name of JESUS!


FATHER, I thank you that my inner ear, outer ear, ear canals, audio nerves, and hair follicles in my ears are sound and healthy. My eardrum channels remain free of any congestion. My audio nerves and their controls are working perfectly in my ears in the name of JESUS. Wax is properly discharged from my eardrum channels. I curse (Mark 11:21-c) and forbid any disease germs, viruses, parasites, toxins, infections, harmful bacteria, ringing, itching, etc., or any deteriorating elements as such from manifesting therein in the name of JESUS. My hearing is sharp and remains sharp. Sounds are perfectly modulated to my sensory hearing mechanisms in the name of JESUS.

Teeth And Gums

FATHER, I thank you that my teeth, tooth roots, gums, dental system, and the entire inside of my mouth are sound and healthy. Any disease germs, infections, parasites, harmful bacteria, periodontal problems, gingivitis or any other bacteria or gum diseases that may try to come against any of these members of mine, dies instantly in the name of JESUS. I curse (Mark 11:21-c) the spirit of tooth decay, and forbid such from manifesting or residing in my teeth. I call in and command the miracle filling of all cavities, the miracle restoration of all missing teeth, the miracle reversal of all fractures, and the miracle restoration of all wear, tear and breaks in these members in the name of JESUS. I decree (Job 22:28) that my teeth are perfectly aligned, do not shift and remain free of pain because JESUS bore my pain (Isa. 54:3-4) in His own body and by His stripes, I am healed in JESUS name!

In the name of JESUS, and by the recreative power of the HOLY SPIRIT, I have induced HEAVEN’s eternal medicine (Prov. 4:20-22), into my earthen vessel (II Cor. 4:7), in the prescribed dosage as written (Ps. 55:17-18), according to the Great Physician (Lk. 4:23), and I have received total healing in my teeth and gums in JESUS’ name.

The Key to Instant Manifestations of Your Healing When Commanding Them for Your Body

One of the greatest revelations that I received from staying built up in the constant confession of faith for a healthy lifestyle is that every infirmity, pain, disorder or damage that your body encounters, ceases (heals) instantly, when you rebuke them. James instructed us to: “Submit yourselves unto God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you” (James 4:7). I discovered that the reason that there have been so few testimonies among GOD’s children concerning swift healings, new soul and body parts and members is because most people have been reluctant to keep a constant confession covering their bodies as often as instructed in Proverbs 4:20-22; Hebrews 10:23, etc.).

Since those Scriptures are in command form, and we have been slow to obey, we have not really first submitted ourselves in that area, sufficiently. In such cases, many of GOD’S children are trying to rebuke the devil (James 4:7), but he (the tormentor) is not by any means fleeing. This is because they have not first in every area of their life, consistently submitted themselves to GOD and to confessing His Word to the extent His Word tells us to (Prov. 4:20-22).

I truly believe that every person who complies with this Word of GOD to this extent will receive instant relief, and sometimes miracles, from any such damages or disorders when they occur, when we command them to. This is a key oversight among GOD’s people. There is a special power that will reside within us, (individually) that will secure us from, or sustain us through such attacks. Remember, Proverbs 18:14 tells us that, “The Spirit of a man will sustain his infirmity.” Hebrews 1:3 tells us that God upholds “all things by the word of His power,” and we are to do the same.


Miracle Knee Joint Healings

After I suffered and recovered from that massive heart attack in July of 1987, I decided that I would jog on a regular basis from that point on, since aerobic exercise is supposed to keep the heart muscle strong. In 2002, my knee joints had become painfully worn out. At that time, I recalled how my heart was completely renewed by the word of GOD through healing confessions alone. I also came to realize that my knees, as well as other organs and systems of my body could also be restored and maintained by the Word of GOD alone.

I began to boldly speak to my knees. One day I grabbed them roughly and declared with authority, “Knee joints, in the name of JESUS, I command you to be healed and restored. Pain, I bind you from my knees in the name of JESUS. Pain, you will not operate in my body. Jesus bore my pain in His own body, so I refuse to have pain. Pain, you go from my knees now in the name of JESUS—did you hear me, I command you to go from my knees in the name of JESUS. Go! Go! I said, Go!”

I roughly stomped on the floor in a daring manner, while commanding painless results with my stomping. In doing so, I realized that the pain was still there. I started all over again. I said, “Pain, did you hear me? You are not going to operate in my body. Jesus bore my pain in his own body according to Isaiah chapter 53, verses 3-5 and I refuse to bear it, and I command you to go, now. Go! Go! Go, in Jesus’ name. You are not going to operate in my body, go, now. You are not going to operate in my body. You are not going to operate in my body, and I command you to go now in the name of JESUS.” I did a commanding stomp with both of my feet, commanding a painless response, and then all of a sudden I had no pain in my knees! The pain was gone but then it suddenly returned. After doing this about five times, it ceased and didn’t return anymore during the rest of the day.

The next day, I noticed a subtle pain redeveloping in both of my knees again. I spoke boldly and said, “Devil, you are not going to operate in my knees and I command you to go, now.” And I did a commanding stomp several times, while saying, “Go from my knees, go! Go! Go now in the name of JESUS” and even while I was stomping the pain ceased. My purpose for stomping was to demand conformity under even the most pressured circumstances, and the pain stopped.

From that day in 2002 until this day, I have been confessing and speaking to my knees at least once per day, and in the last seven years, three times per day, saying that, “my knee joints are soundly healed, perfectly mated to the sockets, perfectly lubricated, calcium-fortified and I forbid any deterioration, wear, tear, pain or any other deficiency therein, in the name of JESUS. Thank you Jesus for that awesome price that you paid and by your stripes, I am healed.”

As of this writing I have joyfully made these confessions with thanksgiving to my knees for thirteen years and have not had a whimper of pain since. As we’ve already said, Hebrews 1:3 tells us that Jesus is, “upholding all things by the Word of his power.” God expects His people to do the same. We are to hold fast to speaking health to our bodies consistently, not taking heed to circumstances or symptoms that are designed by the enemy to discourage us and cause us to waste countless hours a day dealing with them. Our bodies are designed to endure 120 healthy years, and it’s God’s Word that He has given us to secure us to that end. When all is told and revealed at the end of time, I believe it will be revealed that any failures of healing we endure in this life will be accounted to God’s people failing to work the Word, and obey the Word that He suffered to give us

Miracle Hip Joint Healing

One day in 2003, I was at home walking around when suddenly, a blinding pain struck me in my left hip. It felt as if I had been shot. The pain was so intense that I almost blacked out. Once I got my composure, I laid my hand on my left hip and said, “Pain, in the name of JESUS, I command you to cease from my hip. I bind you in the name of JESUS and command you to cease! Father, I thank you that by Jesus’ stripes, I am healed. I receive my healing now, and in the name of JESUS pain, you are not going to operate in my body, and I curse you from my body in the name of JESUS. I command you to go, now. Did you hear me? I command you to go, go in the name of JESUS, go.”

I did this for about ten minutes. Then I stood up to try to walk around and the pain was still so intense, I fell down. I gritted my teeth in pain and said, “Devil, you are not going to operate in my hip, and you are not going to operate in my hip and I command you to go. Father, I thank you that healing virtue is flowing through my body, healing virtue is flowing through my body, and I thank YOU in the name of JESUS. Devil, I command you to cease from my hip, Go! Go! Go!”

I stood up and the pain had lessened, significantly. I started to walk and I was not satisfied with the amount of pain that still existed. At that point, I started confessing again, “Devil, Jesus bore my pain in His own body and I refuse to bear it, and I command you to go! Go! Go! I curse you from my body and I command you to go! You are not going to operate in my body.” I got up and started walking, bearing the small amount of pain that was left.

I crept upstairs to go to bed and as I was about to get in bed, I thought, “I don’t have to bear any pain because JESUS paid the price for my pain,” and I got angry with the devil. I went back downstairs and said, “Pain, I bind you and curse you from my body, in the name of JESUS. I laid my hand on my hip and stomped on the floor violently, to defy the right of pain to exist in my body, and said, “You go from my body in the name of JESUS, go! Go! Go!” I did this for about five minutes and I felt the pain lessen to an acceptable point. This all must have taken about an hour, and at that point I was more tired than pained.

I then went upstairs and went to bed. I knew that I had accomplished my healing, even though I could sense that this incident had been an attack from the enemy. That pain had been so intense that the lessening sensation throughout the process was like a miracle at every point of decline. The next morning, there was even another lessening of pain and on the third day, it was normal.

That experience was twelve years ago and I’ve never experienced hip pain since. Jesus taught in Matthew 16:19 that, “Whatsoever we bind on earth shall be bound in heaven.” As we’ve already quoted He also taught, “Whosoever shall say unto the mountain, (that means the mountains/sicknesses of our lives) be thou removed and be thou cast into the sea, and shall not doubt in his heart but shall believe that those things which he say shall come to pass, he shall have whatsoever he saith” (Mark 11:23).

Again, I considered overcoming this hip pain in the spiritual realm a major victory. In 1997, this same type of pain attack happened to my brother and he went to the hospital. After a few tests, they diagnosed him with bone marrow cancer and later a worn hip joint. Doctors operated on him and did a hip joint replacement, but his system rejected it. Several times, the surgeons had to take the old joint out, treat it, and put a new joint in. The pain of cutting through the muscles was excruciating.

They finally left him without a joint in his left hip and he had to use a crutch to walk until the day that he passed away. He was new in the faith at the time and had not developed spiritually to the point where he had learned how to operate in the faith confession walk. It could have also been that the attack advanced on him faster than he could develop the faith to diminish it. Therefore he sought the swiftest counsel that he knew about at that time which, for him, was the medical community.

It seems that the devil tried to attack me with two of the same attacks that he had attacked my brother with. While he was under duress with the hip situation, another health crisis occurred in his colon. Because of this, the doctors took out 100% of his colon, saying that gangrene had set in. The devil also tried to attack my colon in 1998 when I had the hemorrhoidectomy and cancer then developed afterwards. I settled that matter with God and it’s now a testimony.

I believe the devil will try to shame you by attacking you in a place where you will not testify, so if you get the victory God won’t get any glory, and you won’t help somebody else who needs your testimony. Again, the way God calls for His children today to maintain perfect health is for believers to maintain the daily “health confession” walk which is the shield of faith for divine health (Prov. 4:20-22; Heb. 10:23). When we do this no sickness, disease or weakness can ever penetrate and stay in our soul and bodies.

As far as I see in Scripture, GOD’s preference for His children is to practice “preventive maintenance” rather than “relying on recovery, after the devil’s attack.” This is the message of Prov. 4:20-22, “Let them (the Word) not depart from thine eyes, keep them in the midst of thine heart.”

Miracle Ankle Joint Healing

One day in 2003, I noticed that my ankle joints were hurting in both feet forcing me to “walk lightly.” It felt like the joints were wearing in their sockets and were grinding together when I put weight on them or bent them. At night, while trying to sleep, the pain was talking to me. I said “Enough. Ankles, I speak to you in the name of JESUS and command you to be healed. Jesus bore my pain in His own body and I refuse to bare them. Pain, you will not operate in my body and I command you to go from my ankles now in the name of JESUS. By the power of the Holy Spirit, I command you to cease now. You go from my ankles, now, in the name of JESUS, go! Go! Go! You have no place in my body and I command you to go.” I rebuked this with authority.

I continued, “Father, I thank you that your healing virtue is flowing through my ankles, now. Thank you Father that your healing virtue is flowing through my body now. I thank you Jesus for that awful price that you paid at Calvary for my healing and by your stripes, I am healed.”

I repeated this over and over, boldly, for about ten minutes and stood up on my feet. I saw a noticeable increase in the healing and a decrease in the pain, so I knew that the healing was in progress. I refused to stop jogging and from that time on, I purposefully did the maximum jogging activity on my feet saying, “Father, I thank you that my ankles are soundly healed. My joints are miraculously re-structured, my cartilage is restored and perfectly lubricated in the name of JESUS.” After only a few days, I could not sense that anything unusual had ever happened to my ankle joints.

Also, from that time 16 years ago until now, I have joyfully not failed to confess, at least once per day, and actually three times per day in the last seven years that “my ankle joints, and all of my joints, are healed in the name of JESUS.” Remember we need to speak to the mountains (sickness) in our lives and they will be removed (Mark 11:23). There are too many believers needlessly walking around with pain in their joints and a consistent daily scriptural confession would surely heal them even if it’s on a gradual basis. That’s what Proverbs 4:20-22 is all about. It’s our God-given benefit, and we are told not to forget any of His benefits in Psalm 103:2.

Miracle Rotator Cuff Healing

One day during Thanksgiving week of 2013 at the age of 67, I was jogging around the one mile loop in my neighborhood in sandals instead of sneakers. A part of the sidewalk I was running on had shifted and one of my sandals caught the elevated corner and tripped me. Instead of falling face down on the concrete, I managed to roll as I was falling so I would land in the grassy area next to the sidewalk instead. The problem is that I dove with the full thrust of my weight going with me, jamming my shoulder forcefully into the ground, seriously damaging it.

When I got up, the pain was so intense that I nearly passed out. When I moved my arm, I could hear and feel joints and bones grinding together, and the pain was unbearable. I immediately had to deal with the pain first. I laid my hand on my left shoulder and said, “Pain, in the name of JESUS, I bind you and command you to cease in the name of JESUS. I command you to cease. I curse you from my body in the name of JESUS and I command you to cease, cease now, in the name of JESUS.” I was bold and heavy handed when I did it.

Then I said,” Jesus, I thank You that you bore my pain in your own body and by your stripes, I am healed. Thank You Jesus that your healing virtue is flowing through my body, and by your stripes, I am healed.” I repeated it over and over and then said, “Pain, you cease right now in the name of JESUS.” I rotated my arm and could tell that the pain had lessened.

About three minutes later, the pain started again, just as before. I started confessing again, just as I had before. I repeated this all over again, then flexed my arm, and the pain was very minimal. After about three minutes, the pain started again. I repeated this process about ten times in the space of about the next three hours. It continued to stop, but start back up, though not as painful. The accident happened about 5:00 pm that day and by bedtime, the pain would cease for about 30 minutes (before starting again), but it was minimal pain. The grinding of the bones in my shoulder had ceased altogether however.

After I got up the next morning a slight pain started in my shoulder. I rebuked the pain very boldly saying, “Pain, I command you to cease from my shoulder, you cease from my shoulder, now, in the name of JESUS. I will not allow you to operate in my shoulder.” It immediately ceased. In about an hour, I felt it again, though it was more moderate than before, but I rebuked it again and it ceased. I did this about a dozen times and it ceased every time for about an hour, but started back again, only moderately.

On the third day, there was no measurable pain and I could barely sense that anything as serious as what was probably a torn rotator cuff had occurred, but to make sure that it didn’t try to advance its way back on me, I periodically said, “Father, I thank your that your healing power is flowing through my shoulder now and by Jesus’ stripes, I am healed.” As a matter of fact, I had already been confessing for some time, on a daily basis, that all of my tendons, ligaments, joints, and rotator cuffs are healed and remain free of any damage, deterioration and pain, in the name of JESUS.

Since that time, I haven’t missed a day confessing that over my joints, rotator cuffs and every other part of my body. Rotator cuff damage of that magnitude, is known to plague people with excruciating pain for years until they get corrective surgery, and only some get total relief even with that. God has covered such for us in the atonement and desires that we receive his cure.

Miracle Eyesight Healing

In 2001, my eyesight had deteriorated to the point that when I went to renew my government vehicle driver’s permit, I was denied. My state driver’s license would also be expiring in one year from then and I knew if my eyesight didn’t improve by then I would probably lose that also. I was only 56 years old at the time.

I immediately began confessing that my eyesight is restored by confessing, “Father, I thank you that my eyesight is restored to perfect 20-20 vision that does not dim (Deut. 34:7), blur nor distort. Father, I thank you for anointing my eyes, that I may see (Rev. 3:18-e), and that my retinas, pupils, corneas, irises, optical nerve cells, optical muscles, and eye lenses are restored to perfection in the name of JESUS. I curse (Mark 11:21-c) any obstructions, any potential glaucoma, cataracts, optical obstructions, injuries, macular degeneration, or any other infirmities from my sight vision, in the name of JESUS.

“I thank you Father that my eyes are perfectly shaped, perfectly concaved, perfectly tinted and perfectly focused, and I forbid any deterioration or deficiencies from residing therein in the name of JESUS. I thank you Father that my eyes are restored to newness in the name of JESUS.” I spoke these confessions over my eyes constantly and habitually, however I did not notice any improvement for a while.

Around four months after I started the confessions I suddenly realized that I was seeing clearly, and not double images anymore! When I went to renew my state driver’s license, my vision was miraculously restored to 20-20 vision. I was also able to get my government license back too. Since that time, and until this very day, I have not ceased speaking these same confessions over my eyes three times daily, which secures my eyes from ever deteriorating again (Prov. 18:14). This benefit applies to anyone who holds fast to their confessions concerning sight maintenance and restoration.

Miraculously Raised From The Dead By God

Thirty-eight years ago, on the night before Labor Day in 1977 at the age of 32, GOD woke me up from death to life from a deadly disease attack, known as, “Sponge Kidneys.” This is the medical name given to it, a 100% killer to all of the 700 cases known to have occurred in the world since its discovery in 1949. I became the only known case on earth (of 700 people) to survive this, even though I was sent home from the hospital to die from it. Actually I did die in bed after urinating away all of my blood in approximately five days of frequently urinating pure blood. The health institution wanted to tag me (physically put a death tag on me) so they could quickly retrieve me after I died, for research purposes to help to finally get a clue on this mysterious unknown killer, but I wouldn’t let them.

I was attacked at a time when God was beginning to show me things through dreams and visions. God was giving me good dreams and visions and they were coming true and I was like a child with a new toy. The devil decided to get in on the act and started spoiling things for me. In late August of 1977, I dreamt that I was urinating pure blood and at the end of that dream, my wife, Shirley and I were standing before a doctor and he was instructing us that no remedy existed for my condition and that I would be dead in a matter of a few days. The dream was so dreadful that I didn’t tell anyone about it and didn’t know what to do with it.

I tried to resist that dream by refusing to ever go to the restroom again, but as you know, that didn’t work. Unfortunately, that dream came to pass in about one week’s time. I knew nothing about spiritual warfare at that time, but II Corinthians 10:3-5 tells us, “For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh: For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through GOD to the pulling down strongholds; casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of GOD.”

I was attending a traditional church at that time that didn’t know or teach about the power of the Holy Spirit, and the authority of GOD that’s available to the believer to bind, loose, heal, deliver, and pull down every stronghold of the devil (Matt. 18:18). It seems that God did strengthen Shirley, because she didn’t seem as devastated as you might think a spouse would be at such a negative report by a doctor. However, I did not tell her about the end of that fearful dream, and that I was actually urinating pure blood every couple of hours. I just didn’t want to devastate her.

The nature of that death experience consisted of primarily a contracting, smothering, and choking sensation in which all of my organs and limbs contracted and froze because of the amount of blood loss. The Health Institution I was consulting with had taken over 50 X-rays to confirm my condition. My kidneys had mysteriously and suddenly diminished to resemble a bunch of broken up or bruised grapes. It was too fearful to look at pictures of them. This description, I must say, gives even more credence to the miracle power of GOD to recreate any organs and heal any disease or plague that the devil could ever impose upon the human body. Remember, that GOD desires to heal us all (III John 1:2).

I was in a dangerous state, because I was angry with God for allowing this to happen to me at such a young age, and I was also angry with the devil and everyone else. From the church that I was attending at that time, I learned one main Scripture that kept me going—it was I Cor. 10:13. It reads, “There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man, but GOD is faithful who will not suffer (allow) you to be tempted above that which ye are able but will also, with the temptation, make a way of escape that ye may be able to bear it.” I was primarily angry because I had not been taught how to engage in spiritual warfare like those whom I’d just recently started hearing about in some spiritual circles. Because I had not been exposed to this knowledge, I was not prepared to defend myself from the attack I was facing.

I was too angry to be fearful and I began actually saying to myself, “I refuse to die, I don’t care what anybody says.” That was my mindset until I actually began dying. I believe however, that that positive mindset was still to my advantage (Prov. 23:7). I went to bed on the evening before Labor Day, kind of weak from the blood loss but I didn’t complain to Shirley about how bad I felt. It seems that soon after she went off to sleep, I began to feel a drawing in all of my limbs and contractions. I went into lockjaw where I couldn’t even call her, and my heart began to contract.

I knew I was dying so I began to pray, even though I could barely get the words out of my mouth because I had gone into lockjaw. I said, “Jesus, I commit my healing completely to You, I won’t even fight it,” and I died. It was an awful feeling; I felt as if I was being smothered, and I struggled, and then blacked out, dead. I came to realize and believe later that GOD gave me those words out of His mercy, because I knew nothing about making confessions of faith or exercising faith for my healing. However, I did humble myself and came into total surrender to GOD, and I believe He honored that act of submission.

The next morning, I woke up and was resurrected with new kidneys and new blood! I could tell this because of the way I felt. I felt healthier than I had ever been! I didn’t tell Shirley at that point what had happened the night before. Later when Shirley was out of the house, GOD spoke to me in a loud audible voice saying that HE answered the desires of my heart and raised me from the dead out of His mercy. He also said He would send anyone who forgets GOD to hell. HE bellowed out in a loud voice saying, “PSALM 9:13 AND 17.”

I jumped up and ran to my Bible to see what these Scriptures said, and that’s exactly what they said. GOD was saying that out of HIS mercy, HE raised me up from the power of death. Later on, I realized that the second part of HIS message in verse 17 says in essence, I will turn into hell the nations (people) that forget GOD. I realized that GOD commands us not to forget God, but instead to tell the Good News of what HE has done for us and that there are consequences for not doing what GOD has called us to do.

Even though Shirley was the first to be notified by the medical representative that my life was over, the doctors wouldn’t even give me the diagnosis without Shirley being on the other end of the phone to prepare her for the future. She was asleep during my death and resurrection, so she only knows the end of this by my testimony. My healing was a notable, phenomenal creative miracle in which I had no basis of faith to work it. Sometimes, our lives may be in such a state that only an instant miracle will enable us to survive. In most cases, however, GOD works through HIS WORD for our healing which is usually a gradual process.

Miraculously Healed of Unsurvivable Heart Attack

On July 23, 1987, at 12:45 pm, I was driving home to take a quick rest/nap and lunch from a very stressful morning on my job. It was a very hot day and I was only 42 years old at the time. While I was about two miles from my home, I felt a strange, heavy pressure in my chest that seemed to begin to paralyze every system of my body. It was accompanied by severe pain seeming to trace down every nerve in my back, up to my brain and out my arms, legs and stomach. I immediately knew that it was a very serious heart attack. I immediately bound the spirit of death (Matt. 18:18), and as serious as it was, even though I was not able to inhale nor exhale, I didn’t black out which in itself was a miracle from GOD.

Incidentally, a few months earlier, I was given a set of healing teaching tapes entitled “How to Live and Not Die,” and a publication entitled, “By JESUS’ 39 Stripes, Ye Were Healed” by a minister named Walt Straughan. The fact that these messages came into my hands and I listened to them was nothing but a divine intervention of GOD. Because of the anointing on these messages, I was captivated to really listen to them and my faith was built up in that area, not knowing that I would ever have to apply them in my own life. As I said, once it dawned on me that I was having a serious heart attack, I immediately bound the spirit of death.

The miracle of this was, even though my body seemed like a dead solid mass and my insides were so frozen that I couldn’t breathe, I was constantly confessing, “I shall live and not die in the name of JESUS. Death, I bind you in the name of JESUS. In the name of JESUS, my heart is healed and restored to perfection. My vessels, veins, capillaries, ventricles, auricles, and every blood-carrying conduit is healed and I forbid any blockages in these members in the name of JESUS. My heart is strong and functions perfectly, in the name of JESUS. My pulmonary and coronary systems and members are healed in the name of JESUS. In the name of JESUS, my cardiovascular system is healed and restored to newness. Father, I thank you for healing my heart now, in the name of JESUS.”

I kept on repeating these statements over and over, not casually, but boldly. It was nothing but the power of GOD that kept me. As I quoted before, Proverbs 18:14 tell us, “The Spirit of man will sustain his infirmity.” Even though I couldn’t inhale, the Spirit of GOD gave me the wind to blow (exhale out), the Word of GOD. The Spirit overrode my failed ability to breathe. I had noticed that my air conditioners, both in my car and in my home were briefly on the blink, and the temperature in Baltimore at that time was 103 degrees! It could have been even hotter in the Washington area where I was at the time. The devil set me up at his most opportune time. I will admit, however, that GOD had been warning me about how my bad eating habits at work, and stress could cause a heart attack. Sometimes, sadly we are too slow to respond to a GOD given warning.

When I got home, I laid down on the floor in the coolest place in the house, but I never stopped confessing healing Scriptures and binding death continuously. For the first nine or ten hours after the heart attack, my involuntary breathing process was shut down, which is the most fearful sensation that could probably ever happen to anyone. I had to force myself to breath by priming my diaphragm area, squeezing and releasing my mid-section.

My breathing was so shallow that I could barely take in enough oxygen to stay conscious, and because of the weakness and internal pain, I felt so dreadful at every breath that I inhaled in, that I wanted to stop and rest, but couldn’t. That was my lifeline at the time, yet I was truly convicted that it would be a scriptural failure in the eyes of GOD for me to forfeit His presence and seek the hand of a heart specialist to cut away and tamper with my internal organs. The Word of GOD has proclaimed and JESUS has sworn to restore perfectly without human hands, especially when He was already present and showed me how to escape death.

My Actual Encounter With Death Angels

I vividly remember many tactics that the devil employed to kill me with this heart condition, but GOD exposed him every time. On one occasion, before the attack I was at home and I had a vision where I saw about a dozen people coming up the walk to the front of my house and I was prepared to welcome and receive them. They had such friendly expressions on their faces, leading me to think that I knew them. The door opened on its own accord and I was waiting for them to get closer so I could identify them and greet them, but I noticed that my breath was leaving me as they got closer, so out of suspicion, I did a double-take and noticed that they actually had skeletal faces that they had disguised. It was death coming for me in disguise.

I didn’t have discernment in the dream and allowed them to get too close. When I attempted to rebuke them, my strength was almost expended. I could barely say “JESUS,” but when I did, just that whisper of the name “JESUS” knocked them down as if they were dead, as if they had been hit on the head with a hammer. When that happened, simultaneously, my breath came back strong and all of my pain and choking ceased.

I watched them as they began to recover and as they rose, they started toward me again. As they did, my life began to leave me again, my pain intensified and I could barely say “Jesus,” but when I did, they hit the floor as before and my life came back into me. This happened several times and I didn’t see them anymore, but for many days during my recovery, the sensation I felt during those attacks happened to me again and again. I knew how to rebuke it over and over and it would cease instantly, even though I didn’t visually see it in the spirit again.

When Shirley got home from work that day, I told her about the heart attack I had earlier that day and her response was to call an ambulance, which was the right or normal response for a spouse, but I wouldn’t let her. I told her right from my heart that my situation was too serious for a doctor, and I meant it. GOD had given me insight into the supernatural and my trust became stronger in GOD (who had kept me) than the arms of the flesh. I really couldn’t see it any other way.

One of the most traumatic, unnerving encounters that I had from the beginning of that initial attack, until about a month after, was the sensation of hot blood seeping around in my head, seemingly between my cranium (skull) and my scalp. This was very unnerving, which motivated me to completely reside in Christ, in the Spirit, seeing myself in His very presence, covered by His blood, shielded by the Spirit from the natural existing destructions.

That night, I confessed healing to all of my members while sitting up until early the next morning, about 3:00 am, and my involuntary breathing process resumed so I didn’t have to stay awake any longer. I had confessed healing to all my related members, maybe hundreds of times. The next morning, I was getting ready to call in sick to my employer at 7:00 am, but I had a strong conviction from the Holy Spirit that seemed to say, “Healed people don’t call in sick.” I couldn’t defy that conviction so I went ahead and got dressed and went to work. That was real faith. I never missed more than 1/2 day from work during that heart attack ordeal and my job was very stressful.

To confirm what I was standing against, in early August, 1987 around ten days after this attack, I was in a church meeting where a prophet named Ed Dufresne from Tulsa, Oklahoma was ministering. He had called out people in a prayer line and GOD was using him in performing miracle healings—many people were getting healed. Suddenly, he left his prayer line and walked back to the middle of the church where I was sitting and pointed toward me and said, “GOD wants me to pray for a deadly, seriously damaged heart valve.”

He said, “This is very serious and potentially deadly, and GOD said I must pray for it.” As serious as he said it was, I personally thought it was even more serious than that, but unfortunately I did a very foolish thing. I had too much pride to admit that I had fallen into such a low physical state and I didn’t respond, even though actually I had very serious heart pain at that very moment!

When I got home, the devil jumped on me that night in bed and tried to kill me. I was in repentance all that night for not responding to the prophetic word given in the meeting and I was struggling in my breathing. The devil can use this spirit of pride to take people to their death and he almost took me. That night Prophet Ed was so convicted about this leading that he wouldn’t go away until another lady sitting beside me allowed him to lay hands on her, “in case something in the future may come to pass in my life,” she said. He laid his hands on her and went back to his healing line. I knew I had really messed up then.

About two weeks later, another minister named James Dunn was in that same church and I was sitting in that very same place I had sat in in the previous meeting. He started calling out various ailments and was walking down the aisle and came to the row where I was sitting and pointed directly at me and told me to walk out to the aisle and called out the same condition. After struggling for my life that night two weeks earlier, I readily responded this time! Aftesr he prayed for me, there was a measure of instant relief, but this healing was progressive and manifested in its fullness over the next 18 months.

On Christmas day of 1987, I was at my parent’s house in North Carolina and my sister and brother-in-law who walked strong in the spirit were there. I was afraid he would speak out what he saw in the Spirit concerning what I was going through, and that my parents would find out and be worried. At the same exact time that thought had come into my mind, he said to me, “I see a spirit of death hovering around. I don’t know why but whatever you do this holiday, be careful.” He kept on repeating it, but I didn’t want my mother and father to catch on and be worried, so I didn’t say anything. He was exactly correct.

As I look back now, I should have gotten counseling relating to diet and avoiding foods that are devastating to the heart and the cardiovascular system. In my ignorance, I actually believed that the foods the grammar school teachers taught us to eat were the healthiest foods for any occasion. Therefore, I remember eating plenty of eggs and dairy products several times a day and as a result my respiratory system process became very congested. My breathing became so laborious that I almost suffered a major setback, even that very Christmas holiday of 1987, after I had driven on a long trip. It was really quite a while before I made the connection about foods.

I noticed sometime after that, that the devil would attempt to test me with fresh symptoms to see if I had slackened in my determination to rebuke him. I continued binding and rebuking the enemy as these attacks occurred and these occurrences became fewer and farther apart. From the time of that attack on Christmas 1987 until many months after, I was not only binding and loosing (Matt. 18:18) but I was also speaking to, and commanding every vessel, vein, artery, capillary, ventricle, auricle, aorta, valve, blood-carrying conduit and my entire pulmonary and coronary system to be healed and restored in the name of JESUS. As before, there were instant relief responses after every rebuke, as it was when I saw in the Spirit how the enemy responded and the symptoms stopped. Therefore, I had confidence that the devil was limited in what he could do, until the full healing manifestation was complete.

Sometimes, I was doing these rebukes constantly, even quietly when others were in my presence. I probably did them thousands of times in the few months that followed that Christmas attack. In all of the healing that I received, this healing was more of a gradual healing than the others through the working of faith. I have never taken a heart pill and never considered going to the arms of the flesh to allow man to do what JESUS has already done (Isa. 54:3-4; I Pet. 2:24). GOD healed me completely according to His Word and in the process, He shed none of my blood, made no cuts on any heart valves, took away no organs or limbs, created no scar tissue, imposed no expensive prescription drugs upon me, and left no fears of aftereffects. GOD desires that His healing power work like this for all of His children, for His burden is light (Matt. 11:30).

After two years of praying, confessing and establishing brisk exercising routines, I finally made an appointment out of curiosity to have a random electrocardiogram. The test results came out good. That was the working of faith. GOD had delivered me from man’s second greatest killer, even though He had warned me six months in advance before it happened. He had impressed upon me that I was heading for a “heart attack” death, and he reflected on my eating. I didn’t know at that time that the “good,” heavy, greasy foods that I was raised on were dangerous to eat a lot of. Nor did I know that the stressful, long hours I put in at my job along with fast food lunches I ate on a regular basis at work, were very devastating to my health.

To emphasize how completely I was healed of the heart attack and damaged heart valve, from that time to the present time, I have regularly engaged in running exercises and have developed to the point that 28 years later, I actually run more on a daily basis now than I did when I was 18 years old. As I’ve said before, aerobic exercise is an excellent way to maintain good heart health. Most of all, I have continued to speak healing words to my heart, coronary, pulmonary and cardiovascular systems and members on a daily basis for 28 years. Now I speak to every organ, system and member of my entire body three times daily and intend to do this forever, according to Mark 11:23, Proverbs 4:20-22, and Psalm 55:17-18.

Miraculously Healed of Cancer

I had been in stressful situations, on my job and everywhere else leading up to December 28, 1998. Tension and strife had promoted ulcer-like conditions and hemorrhoids in my body to the extent that I committed myself to have a hemorrhoidectomy. God had strongly urged me to not have this operation, but to instead work at eliminating all stress, strife and tension out of my life and walk in His love and faith for my healing. I thought about it for a while, but decided not to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading. That was the worst mistake I’ve ever made.

I went in for the operation and everything that could go wrong, went wrong. The hospital I went too had been downgraded to basically a good first-aid station and clinic status, but I didn’t know this at the time. I’m sure the doctor was not supposed to perform that type of surgery there, because that type of surgery required a three day recuperative period in the hospital. The doctor did it anyway and sent me home that day. I left the facility literally screaming and in severe pain and agony, even though I had one of the best health insurance policies that exists. The doctor didn’t even give me a sedative for that type of pain. After the surgery, I saw darkness increasing around me, and because of the intense pain, I was not convinced that I would come out of this situation alive.

When I realized that I had not prayed up to the level needed to compensate for this type of pain, I suddenly repented and realized that David was right, when he said in essence, it’s better to fall into the hands of a merciful GOD (II Sam. 24:14) than to fall into the hands of man. The fact that the doctor did apologize to me for not having the properly manned recovery facilities, the necessary personnel to attend to surgeries with complications (like in my situation), nor the beds, or sedatives for this type of pain did little to make me feel better. The doctor was apologizing to me while he was rolling me out of the hospital, as I was screaming loudly in intense pain.

I was on my knees and elbows in the back of our mini-van, screaming in intense pain while my wife drove me home from the hospital. I thought I would get a breakthrough once I got home, being free to pray with fervency, but it didn’t happen that way and I realized that I was running out of steam. GOD had mercy on me and directed me to get into the hottest water that I could find to help alleviate the pain. I had never heard of that, but I obeyed and got into near scalding water. The pain soon ceased, and I didn’t even get burn blisters. Like Naaman, even if you can’t understand why GOD tells you to do something, it’s important to do it. Naaman was healed of leprosy because he obeyed GOD, by dipping in a dirty river seven times (II Kings 5:14). I spent the night in the bathtub praying.

I came to the understanding that once GOD reveals His healing power to us and we know it, He doesn’t expect us to draw back (Heb. 10:38; II Chron. 16:12) and seek out worldly sources for such, especially if He tells us not to. Disobedience opens the door to the enemy big-time. I could sense developing complications and began extensively confessing healing Scriptures over my body every day to prevent any further complications.

The botched surgery and not healing properly from the surgery set off an infection and a ten year issue of blood that continued until January 31, 2008. This was the most difficult, painful, humiliating and uncomfortable experience that I can ever remember going through. It was accompanied by a sobering, fearful blood stool manifestation that lasted for ten years which developed into cancer and began to spread to my colon. I was already confessing my healing for what I saw in the natural and my faith and confidence level became strong.

However, when I heard in the spirit, “cancer,” I intensified my confessions (the confessions in this writing) to three times daily and was determined that only three parties would know about this “diagnosis,” that being, GOD, me and the devil, (2 against 1). In part because it was two against one, I knew I would win. I had experienced “death inflictions” before and deliverance, and knew not to allow man to interfere with something that GOD handles effortlessly, as long as the negative opinions of others and their fears are not factored in.

I knew I should not let the devil drive me to seek out a medical professional to document something that’s temporary (II Cor. 4:18). I knew that speaking a diagnoses over it would validate it. I also knew that my confessions and the Word of God are eternal, always win, and render all opposition only temporary. Again, II Corinthians 4:18 instructs us to not even look at the undesirable things that can be seen, because they’ll just fade away—as long as we are speaking to them, (Prov. 4:20-22).

Once I heard in the Spirit, “cancer,” and began to focus my confessions on that, three times per day, it was only three months later on January 31st, 2008 when I got my breakthrough. It occurred on the last night of our church’s annual month of fasting and prayer. I got home that evening and was in my basement praising God for such a joyful and harmonious month of His presence, letting Him know how much I was going to miss those days of consecration. All of a sudden when I looked across the basement I saw a vision of GOD’S hand and it was full of olive oil. It was so fresh that I could smell it from across the room, which is unusual to smell olive oil from that far away.

While I was still wondering what He was going to do with it, very swiftly, His hand came over and slapped me in the rear end and anointed me with the oil and I felt and knew I was instantly healed. My colon was no longer twisted, the infection was gone, the scar tissue disappeared and the ten year issue-of-blood stool ended. It was a sudden miracle ten years in the making! This was a miracle against the disease (cancer) that kills more people in this nation than any other. I was completely divinely healed by the hand of GOD, with no medical interventions, professional medical expertise, or medical counsel. Only GOD and GOD alone can be glorified in this.

Noticeable Benefits For The Health

After walking in this faith walk for a while, faith, which continues to increase during this walk, will develop to the point where you will discover that even small blemishes, insignificant moles, and growths that once were on your body, will be no more. Even minor pains, (in joints, etc.) will diminish. The body becomes Word sensitive, especially in the areas that you confess daily, and itching, and pain from sprains and rotator cuff damage ceases immediately when spoken to. Decay of the teeth, as well as pain, where pain has been noticeable, will diminish. Also, whereas decay tends to occur under the fillings in a tooth, the continuous three times per day confession commitment brings that to a halt. It will proceed no further.

The noticeable demand concerning continuously confessing God’s Word three times a day (Prov. 4:20-22) should also emphasize to the reader that we must see the Word, not only as our life, but as “our very God.” This is because Jesus is the Word, and Jesus is Lord of the Word (John 1:1).

I’m thoroughly convinced that a quality life commitment to such confessions will restore anyone’s health and mobility back to a state of perfection for the remainder of their years, regardless of where they are in years and present conditions; as long as they are able to speak words (Prov. 12:14).

Our Obvious Responsibilities

  1. We must understand that unconfessed sin, offenses, unforgiveness, fear, worry, stress, or strife must first be dealt with under all circumstances in order to receive anything from GOD.
  2. Be aware that the normal needs of the body must be met such as a healthy diet, exercise, hygiene, etc.

Faith Confessions For The “Whole Body”

Father, in the name of JESUS, I present my body to you and to Your Word as a living sacrifice (Rom. 12:1), realizing that you uphold all things by the “Word of Your Power” (Heb. 1:3). Therefore, I decree (Job 22:28) that every cell, fiber, tissue, organ, system, limb and member of my body are HEALED by Jesus’ stripes (I Pet. 2:24). They are also quickened (Col. 2:13), renewed (II Cor. 4:16), strengthened (Col. 1:11), maintained (Jude 24), and preserved (I Thess. 5:23), individually and collectively, NOW. I therefore thank you Father that the following are healed and remain healed in the name of JESUS.

Every organ of my body functions in the perfection in which GOD created them to function. These include my heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, gall bladder, nerves, muscles, skin, stomach, spleen, pancreas, appendix, lymph nodes, colon, intestines, throat, esophagus, rectum, brain, sinus, nose, eyes, ears, teeth, gums, and every associated member of these, in Jesus’ name. I curse (Mark 11:21-c) every disease germ, virus, infection, allergy, rebellious cell, malignant cell, or any irregularity, that would come against these members or any other of my members in my soul and body, and I command them to come out of me and not return in the name of JESUS.

I thank You Father that every system of my body is healthy and functions in the perfection in which you created them to function. These include my pulmonary, coronary and cardiovascular system, nervous system, muscular system, digestive system, circulatory system, immune system, lymphatic system, reproductive system, urinary system, structural system, respiratory system, inhalation system, blood system, ears and audio system, optical system, liver system and every other system of my body in the name of JESUS. I decree that every disease germ, virus, infection, malignant or cancerous cell, harmful bacteria or irregularity that comes against these systems or any other systems of my soul and body, dies instantly, in the name of JESUS.

I decree that my bone structure system is perfectly calcium-fortified, perfectly aligned, and remains free of any deterioration in the name of JESUS. I forbid any curvature of my spine or any deficiency or deterioration in any of my structural members, including my vertebrae, discs, tendons, ligaments, joints, or any other structural members of my body in the name of JESUS. My bone marrow produces healthy blood cells that destroys every malignant cell, cancer cell, or disease germ that would come against my body in the name of JESUS.

I have perfect 20-20 vision and my eyes do not dim, blur or distort. I curse (Mk. 11:21-c) any glaucoma, cataracts, or any other obstructive infirmity that would come against my eyes and vision, in the name of JESUS. My eyes are perfectly shaped, perfectly concaved, perfectly tinted, and perfectly focused. My optical muscles are perfectly healthy and I forbid any weakening or deterioration that would attempt to manifest in these or any other optical member in me in the name of JESUS. I remove any accidents or injuries from my eyes with the name of JESUS.

For women: My breasts, ovaries, uterus, cervix, and womb are sound and healthy and remain healthy for as long as I live. I forbid any infirmities from manifesting in these members, or any other members, and I curse (Mark 11:21-c) to destruction, any infirmity, cysts, tumors, growths, malignant cells, or any irregularities that would attempt to come against these or any other members of my body in the name of JESUS. My mammogram readings are perfectly normal and remain normal in the name of JESUS.

For men: My prostrate readings are perfectly normal and remain normal in the name of JESUS. I curse (Mark 11:21-c) to destruction, any disease germ, infection, cysts, tumors, malignant cell, or any infection or irregularity that would attempt to manifest in these members, in the name of JESUS.

For everyone: My teeth, tooth roots and gums are sound and healthy and remain so, and I curse any disease germs, infections, gingivitis, periodontal disease, pain, wear, breakage, decay or any other infirmity that would attempt to come against my teeth in the name of JESUS. I curse and forbid the spirit of tooth decay from manifesting in my teeth and I command any fractures to heal in the name of JESUS. Father, I thank you for miraculously filling all cavities and miraculously restoring all missing teeth in the name of JESUS.

Every endocrine gland of my body functions in the perfection that GOD created them to function. These include my hypothalamus gland, pineal gland, pituitary gland, thyroid gland, parathyroid gland, thymus gland, pancreas gland, adrenal glands, lymphatic gland, liver gland, prostate gland, and I forbid any malfunction therein in the name of JESUS! I command my glands not to be overactive or underactive, but to be chemically balanced and produce normal hormones in the name of JESUS. My glands are strong and not weak; healed and not sick in the name of JESUS.

Blood Pressure

My blood pressure, blood sugar, blood cholesterol and blood pH levels are normal, perfectly balanced and I forbid any deficiencies or irregularities therein, in the name of JESUS. I command my blood pressure to come down to 120/80 _______ (fill in your number) in the name of JESUS. I call in a brand new heart with a perfect heartbeat in the name of JESUS. My heartbeat, valves, chambers, tissues, nerves, and cells are working perfect in the name of JESUS. My heartbeat is perfect. My heartbeat is perfect. My natural heart pace is normal in JESUS’ name. My arteries, vessels, veins, and capillaries are open, clean, clear, healthy, and elastic in the name of JESUS. There are no obstructions in my cardiovascular system, and my blood flows smooth 24/7 throughout my soul and body in the name of JESUS.