Rom. 10:17; Phil. 2:6; Rom. 12:1-2; 2 Pet. 1:4; Ps. 1:1-3

The “Law of God” is the written Word of God. The Word of God contains all of God’s promises to every born again believer. As we take the Word of God which has these promises embedded in it, and meditate upon them day and night, we will be empowered to remove all sickness, disease and bondage from our lives, and have God’s life and His nature flowing through our souls and bodies. All of us meditate on different things all the time and some of our meditation is called worry. We need to stop worrying about our problems and spend that time meditating on the answer, which is the Word of God. We will then be able to produce a perpetual flow of the power (Holy Spirit) of God in every area of our life. Meditation is critical to every Christian who wants to receive healing and deliverance, and desires to mature in the kingdom of God.

The Word of God has to be stronger in your heart than the mountain, sickness, disease, weakness, or any problem that the devil has brought against you. The Word of God becomes stronger in your heart by reading, meditating, meditating, and meditating it. Spend hours meditating the promises of the Word of God until they are more real to you than the problem that is coming against you. Put the promises on a business card so you can memorize and meditate them daily.